Tell Me More and Then Some

Editing Tell Me More and Then Some

Eubie Blake

We have finished filming the majority of the "Tell Me More and Then Some" documentary and we are now deep into post production mode. Above is an archived image from a film clip of Eubie Blake performing with Noble Sissle in the 1920's. Making documentaries doesn't just take a lot of work researching the facts and interviewing people to get an oral history, but it also takes a great of deal time going through archives of moving images. We have been working closely with the University of Baltimore's Langsdale Library Special Collections and their AV archivist, Siobhan Hagan. UB has an extensive AV collection of news broadcasts and footage from WJZ and WMAR that includes 16mm film, U-matic and VHS videos. Their collection documents a great deal of Baltimore's history. We are lucky that Baltimore city has institutions dedicated to the preservation of the past.

Eubie's 100th Birthday documented on WMAR in 1983


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Filming at the MD Historical Society

Integriti Reeves

Walt Carr, a cartoonist who's family ran the "Nightlifer", an old publication that frequented articles about jazz concerts and artists playing on the Avenue, looks through replications of the Henderson Collection at the Maryland Historical Society with Philip Merrill and Jon McClean.

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Rotoscoping: Behind the Scenes


Rotoscoping is a traditional anamation technique that uses live photography to provide the timing and placement of the drawn frames of the cartoon. Working with cinematographer Allen Moore, we recreated a Billie Holiday concert taking place in 1942. From this cinematography we will create an animation of Billie Holiday singing that will be featured in the film upon release. Above, Integriti Reeves is depicted as Billie Holiday.

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Recording music at Peabody Conservatory

intergriti Reeves

Warren Wolf, Kris Funn, John Lamkin III, Integriti Reeves, Craig Alston recording "Tell Me More and More and Then Some," at the Peabody recording Studios. Ooriginal song by Billie Holiday